Dubs and overdubs: adding the icing on the cake

April 21st, 2010

All songs are on tape now! As of last monday we are busy working on the dubs and over dubs for the album. I must say it is going quite well. We left the fighting behind and all musicians are working hard to get the best result possible. Creating new music and recording a new album always seem to involve a lot of arguing with NO blues.

The last part of the recordings will be done in Haifa where Murad and Haytham will be recording the violin and the arabic female singer part.
We hope to be releasing the album somewhere late august.
Stay tuned!

3 days in the studio

April 16th, 2010

Studiowork brings out both sides of NO blues: great music with a great feeling of harmony and musicians with strong feelings about how to get there. But we were able to get 9 songs on tape so far.  Osama (our percussion wizzard) is also playing the Ud on the new album, so it will definitely sound different from LUMEN. We also invited Murad Khoury who played live with us on our last theater tour.  He will be recording his parts later this month in Haifa, together with a female singer.

Next monday again three days in the studio for dubs and so on. I will keep you updated on developments!

The fourth NO blues album in the making

April 14th, 2010

NO blues has gone into the studio to record the fourth album. This album will contain twelve or thirteen songs based on the Arabicana blend that our audience has gotten used to with some extra African flavour this time. In the first day, the band layed down the basis for six songs.

recordings for school anthem mozaiek school

April 8th, 2010

After the recording for the school anthem for the Mozaiek school in Deventer (Holland) a portrait of the singers was necessary. The lyrics for the song are based on their feelings and in Dutch, although most of the children have a different background. Ankie will master the recording and we are looking forward to a live performance @ the 3daysON festival  in september. All in all a great afternoon where Anne-Maarten showed his ‘how to manage children’  skills.

NO blues is asked to write a song for a school anthem. The band is remaking Longa Shanaaz for the school anthem of multi cultural school Mozaiek in Deventer (Holland). The lyrics are based on the feelings the children get from their school. As you can see the song is being recorded with school kids, parents and teachers.

NO blues played the Flint and got fooled

April 2nd, 2010

Thursday afternoon Haytham called all the NO blues band members
to tell that he had a gig with a different band in Groningen and that
he couldn’t do the gig at night. Little 1st of april joke…

At night NO blues did play theater the Flint in Amersfoort. Nice venue
with nicer staff and a special thanks to Jan-Anne for the beautifull light effects!

Fourth NO blues album: Arabicana goes Africa!

April 1st, 2010

NO blues is currently in the writing process of the fourth studio album. The band is planning on going into the studio in April. The release is planned during the 3daysON festival in the third weekend of September.

After three well received albums Farewell Shalabye, Ya Dunya and Lumen written by Van Meurs, Safia and Van Heuvelen on the fourth album percussionist Osama Maleegi also contributes in the writing process. Arabicana goes Africa!

NO blues back to school

March 30th, 2010

NO blues is asked to write a song for a school anthem. The band is remaking Longa Shanaaz for the school anthem of multi cultural school Mozaiek in Deventer (Holland). The lyrics are based on the feeling the children get from their school. The song is being recorded in april and hopefully later this year, the band will perform the song with school kids, parents and teachers.

Read the article in newspaper (dutch only)

release Lumen in France

November 7th, 2009

On October 26 release our latest album LUMEN will be out through 121Digital in France. Bring out the champagne!

NO blues wins Mixed Audience award in 2009

February 5th, 2009

NO blues is the winner of the Mixed Audience award in 2009. Visitors to the website of world music magazine Mixedchose the group of ten Dutch and Belgian nominees. Besides an beautifull piece of art we will appear at the Amsterdam World festival.

Selected reviews of Lumen

January 1st, 2009

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