Athens (Greek tour part 4)

April 15th, 2011

In the morning we got into the van and drove the last part of the tour back to Athens. During the three hours drive, we listened to a compilation CD that we got from one of the people at the venue in Patras. An eclectic mix of world music songs. Great stuff! To the person who gave it to us, thanks, we loved it! And it was a nice soundtrack to the scenery. In Athens we first went to the hotel and Haytham was determined to see the Acropolis and Ad, Ankie and Lavros went with him. Rob and Anne-Maarten went to a radio interview at an Athens radio station. The radio show had been playing the NO blues CD’s for a couple of years and the DJ was excited to have a part of the band in for an interview. After the interview, the band met at Avlea, a venue with a great night club vibe. The owner Aris took us to our third evening of good Greek food. We had dinner at a small table that was packed with great food and red wine. Back at the venue the audience started coming in and when the band got on stage there was a nice crowd. After the gig we had a couple of drinks with Aris and his wife and brought a toast to a good Greek tour.
The next morning Aris dropped us of at the airport and after a four hour flight we were back in Holland.