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NO blues in British Songlines magazine

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We’re very proud that our music is included on the exclusive Dutch Delta Sounds sampler that comes with the latest edition of the leading British music magazine Songlines! This issue contains an actual summary of Dutch ‘world music’, accompanied by the bonus cd.

What the Mississippi symbolizes for New Orleans is the Rhine for the Netherlands. In this delta of Western Europe, on the boundary between land and water, originated a musical more-streamscountry. On the one side influences from Eastern- and Southern-Europe silted, on the other side from the whole world. Via the sea as from the 17e century the Netherlands were connected  with Africa, Asia, North- and South- America. More than ever this heritage – an open attitude to absorb ánd to pass on influences from four directions of the wind – colours the Dutch musicworld today.  You will find here cross-overs between jazz and pop with music from the Balkans, Surinam, Indonesia and Morocco, but also with influences  from the Dutch Antilles, Turkey and Portugal. In short: Dutch Delta Sounds!

On Dutch Delta Sounds there are 18 tracks from the following artists:
Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Arifa, Baraná Trio, Boi Akih, Carel Kraayenhof & su Sexteto Canyengue, Combinatie XVI, Fra Fra Sound, Getetchew Mekuria & The Ex, Izaline Calister, Julya Lo’Ko & Erwin van Ligten, Kasba, Maria de Fátima, Mdungu, Minyeshu, NO blues, Oswin Chin Behilia, Raj Mohan and STriCat.

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De Stentor: “Brugfunctie in Amman”

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Yesterday we had the first gig in our Jordan tour, still four to go! Meanwhile newspaper De Stentor published an interview today with our own Anne-Maarten. He talks about our music and the chance we get with this tour to focus on the bridge and not the gaps between east and west.

Read the entire article here (only in Dutch, click on the image):


With greetings from Jordan.. 😉

3voor12: “NO blues’ mix of cultures stays intriguing”

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What a great start for us this year! We kicked off in LUX Nijmegen where we got a really nice live review.

After that we played a sold out show in the ever so nice Amer in Amen to continue our tour in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, a show that was also totally sold out. What an honor to see the audience enjoy our music so much!

3voor12 Eindhoven visited the concert and wrote an extensive review (Dutch only): NO blues 3voor12

Let’s hope for more good things to come this year.

March 12        Razzmatazz, Goes | tickets
March 17        Catharinakapel, Harderwijk | tickets
April 2             Koornbeurs, Franeker | tickets
April 27           Amman, Jordanie

See you soon at one of our shows!

Oh Yeah Habibi overview & new tour dates

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Recently we had our last show of 2015 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. What a night! And a good moment to look back at the great response we got on our new album Oh Yeah Habibi so far.

A lot of kind words on the album from the audience and different media. A selection:

“Oh Yeah Habibi  is more than a party: the message of NO Blues couldn’t have come at a better time” – MixedWorldMusic

“Oh Yeah Habibi is the best album until now“ – Festivalinfo

“An exciting musical encounter based on mutual respect and the overpowering love for music“ – Mania

“NO blues emerges at Oh Yeah Habibi as a band of bridge builders between cultures“- Folkforum

“Oh Yeah Habibi is an exceptional example of a full-grown cross-over album“ – Here Comes The Flood

“World class record!” – Lust for Live

Inga Tjapkes did an interview (in Dutch):

Our story was in the newspaper (click to read):

And played from Deventer to Utrecht and Amsterdam. Next up: the rest of the tour! We’ve added some new tour dates in Nijmegen en Harderwijk:

January 10       Lux, Nijmegen  tickets
Januari 22        Amer, Amen
Februari 29       Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven
March 12          Razzmatazz, Goes
March 17         Catharinakapel, Harderwijk
April 2              Koornbeurs, Franeker
April 27            Amman, Jordanie

Hope to see you there!

Next stop: Paradiso

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Some nice pictures from the OH Yeah Habibi! album release last month by Tse Kao:

Next stop will be: Paradiso, Amsterdam. (29-11-2015)
The show in Paradiso will be the last chance to see No Blues in 2015, so make sure you don’t miss it!
Get your tickets here.

And with that we would like to share this nice review by MixedWorldMusic who wrote:“Oh Yeah Habibi  is more than a party: The message of No Blues couldn’t have come at a better time. (René van Peer)”
Kind words.

OH Yeah Habibi!

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NO blues (c) TseKao

There is no better way to describe the release of the new NO blues album than with the titel itself. The release show was exciting! Even for a band that has been playing together for ten years, new songs always seem to have a character of their own when played live for the first time. The audience loved the new material and showed their appreciation for the new songs with a standing ovation and great energy in the room.  Now the band is looking forward to the shows this weekend at great venues like Rasa Utrecht (a well known world music stage) on friday, Paradox Tilburg (a great live room) on saturday and Paradiso Amsterdam next month.

Read the stunning reviews (Dutch): Festivalinfo: “Oh Yeah Habibi is the best album untill now“, Mania: “An exciting musical encounter based on mutual respect and the all -encompassing love for music“, Folkforum:  “NO blues emerges at Oh Yeah Habibi as a band of bridge builders between cultures“.
And an English one for all our not dutch speaking followers: “Oh Yeah Habibi is an exceptional example of a full-grown cross-over album

#26 in the mania charts top 30

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Jaargang 18 No. 36, 14-10-2015
25 — Hurts – Surrender
26 — NO blues – Oh Yeah Habibi
27 15 Bertolf – First & Then

After a first week of sales in your local recordstore we entered the charts at spot #26.
Lets climb to the top!

Lots of new reviews and a television interview

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We had a very nice interview with Inga Tjapkes for “Over UIT de Kunst” and lots of nice reviews. Look and read here below.
Festivalinfo about our new album 4,5 out of 5: “Oh Yeah Habibi is the best album until now
Platomania: 8 out of 10: “an exciting musical hit based on mutual respect and the all-encompassing love for music
Next stop: Rasa Utrecht, Paradox Tilburg and Paradiso Amsterdam.

New album Oh Yeah Habibi out now!

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Albumcover - NO blues - Oh Yeah Habibi (2015)It is with great pride and excitement that we present you the new album Oh Yeah Habibi by NO blues! Not only are we pleased to present this sixth album, but we’re also glad to celebrate our ten year anniversary.

Oh Yeah Habibi is out now. You can listen and download it on our Bandcamp, Youtube, SoundcloudSpotify or Deezer. Do you want to purchase the album in iTunes, or buy the actual CD? Go to our online store or visit a Dutch record store.

On Thursday Octobre 8th the album will be presented in Deventer Schouwburg, the Netherlands, and after that we will celebrate our ten year anniversary and the new album in an extensive festive tour. Info and tickets are available here.

We are very curious what you think of the new album Oh Yeah Habibi. Please leave a message on our Facebook & Twitter.

Review by Lust for Life magazine (****): “wereldplaat”

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Click on the image to read the albumreview: 20151006-lust-for-Live-(web)