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Interview daily newspaper Trouw: ‘NO blues opens new pathway with ‘Kind of NO blues’

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Stan Rijven [click to open in browser]

 After four successful albums and nearly a decade on the road  NO blues explores new pathways with the latest album  ‘Kind of NO blues’. What started out as a soundtrack for a documentary by former politician Paul Rosenmöller about the Arab Spring, has become a double album. Full of unique live recordings and new songs featuring great  musicians and poets from all over the world. Even an old Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer came back to life and joins the music.
The brass section and strings by Quartet Quinetique and Palestinian Morad Khoury add new flavor to the Arabicana of NO blues.  A new and colourful sound with even a feature by the famous American blues legend Andre Williams.

Come visit us at Sunday September 29 when we will be presenting the double album at the Burgerweeshuis in Deventer, the Netherlands. Especially for this matinee concert poets and guest musicians like Vrouwkje Tuinman, Bill Barrett and Quartet Quinetique  will join us.

Album release ‘Kind of NO blues’
featuring lots of special guests
Sunday September 29th, 14:30
Matinee concert @ Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
[Buy tickets/more info].

NO blues ON the radio

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Yesterday we brought an ode to Woody Guthrie on the dutch radio to celebrate the birth of our fifth album “Kind of NO blues’
Listen here (28:30 – 36:52 in the second hour of the stream)

NO blues – Kind of NO blues record of the week on Dutch National radio

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NO blues – Kind of NO blues record of the week on Dutch National radio 6!

Great reviews ‘Kind of NO blues’

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Today we received a couple of great reviews of our new double album ‘Kind of NO blues’. Makes us very proud! [For english translation click here]

Moors Magazine: “Een magnifiek dubbelalbum van de opmerkelijkste wereldfusieband die Nederland, en misschien wel Europa, rijk is.” “Ze noemen hun muziek Arabicana, en dat is misschien wel de treffendste omschrijving van de volstrekt unieke, maar absoluut vanzelfsprekend klinkende mix van Arabische muziek, Americana, blues, folk en country die deze geweldige band weet te creëren. Kind of NO blues is een magnifiek meesterwerkje!”

Blues Magazine: “Als je de eerste tonen hoort van het unieke dubbelalbum Kind of NO blues van NO blues dan besef je meteen dat dit een zeer bijzonder album is.” “Een wereldalbum! Deze muziek die ik omschrijf als ‘fusion roots’ verdient de onverholen aandacht van elke muziekliefhebber.”

MusicFrom: “NO blues was al geen eendagsvlieg, maar met deze nieuw ingeslagen weg kunnen we in de toekomst nog veel méér moois verwachten.”

Festivalinfo: “Met Kind of NO blues bewijst het muziekgezelschap waarom het zich tot de top van de Nederlandse wereldmuziek mag rekenen.”

Album release ‘Kind of NO blues’

featuring lots of special guests
Sunday September 29th, 14:30
Matinee concert @ Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
[Buy tickets/more info].

Ingolstadt (Germany) review

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We got a  review from the gig in Ingolstadt Germany last week. For everybody who doesn’t speak or read German; the journalist considers NO blues an experiment with a postive outcome. And fun…

NO blues Ingolstadt

German review

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Here’s a nice review from one of the gigs NO blues did in Germany this weekend.

Recensie Weiden DL

Rodaan Al Galidi

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Our dear friend poet and writer Rodaan Al Galidi is facing the threat of being expelled from Holland. He failed his “inburgeringstoets” by four points. What is happening to this country? Are we expelling writers and poets who are teaching us more about tolerance and life then most of our politicians? We are very proud that Rodaan has  contributed a beautiful poet to our new CD and that he is is regularly performing with Haytham in Dutch and in Arabic. We will support the efforts by D’66 in Zwolle to help him stay in Holland.


just received a message from D66 in Zwolle. He indeed failed his ínburgeringstest’ by four points but it is not as bad as the article in de Stentor mentioned. Also see read this weblog:

Black Cadillac over 85.000 views

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We are still very much amazed by the power of this song. Aylin Solakoglu uploaded this song on you tube some time ago and today it has over 85000 views from all over the world. Keep sharing this video and we are looking forward to present the new material from Kind of NO blues some time soon!

youtube black cadillac

Arabic revolution

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One of the new NO blues songs will be used for the last episode of documentary series ‘Paul Rosenmöller en de Arabische revolutie’ aired by the IKON on Sunday  27th of Mai. In the documentary, the Dutch ex-politician follows the tracks of the Arabic revolution that started in 2011.

Swedish review:’NO blues is mastering all of this’

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[Translated from Swedish] The dutch group NO blues have been noticed for their way of blending american folk/blues with arabic music, “arabicana”. The blend itself may be not so surprising, but it is always fun with music that is unpredictable. This blend remains on “Hela hela”, the groups fourth album since the debut in 2005. Simultaneously there are some scents added from Africa, Balkan and the Keltic area. The main core is also accompanied by two interesting guest artists – Shereene Danial (song) and Morad Khoury (violin). The result is is a versatile production that leads the audience right through continents. Maybe this mix can be percieved as a little too multicoloured this time. Another contradiction runs between feeling and perfection – the studio atmosphere gets a little too obvious at times. Despite these weaknesses it is exciting to follow the strokes of the group from various directions. NO blues is mastering all of this.

Swedish daily paper Hallandsposten , on January 4
Gert-Ove Fridlund