Dear NO blues….

March 5th, 2012

‘Dear NO blues, I would like to thank you for the beautiful show at the Deventer Schouwburg! My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. But do I understand it correctly that NO blues is splitting up? Or are you ‘just’ changing your Arabicana sound? Is everybody going his own way or are you continuing as group on a new musical journey? …’

Because we get this question more often, we decided to reply to this e-mail on our website.
After we made Hela Hela, we thought that it was the last studio album we would make. It was the fourth studio album in six years time and it was very difficult to make. We came to a point where everybody in the band was wondering how to continue and it seemed the end of NO blues was in sight. But after a year of playing for very appreciative audiences, we decided to try to make new songs. In the last two months we’ve made twelve instrumental tracks and we are going to record them next week! So it seems there is a bright future for NO blues after all.

Stay tuned about what’s happening with the new songs….