Greek fan Eleftheria about gig @Patras

February 8th, 2011

“Hi again! I’m Eleftheria, the kanun player. We met during your live performance in Patras, Greece. Well, I just wanted to say gongratulations to all of you in the band. You have to know that Patra’s audience is considered to be one of the most demanding and strange in Greece. During the 19th century, if a theatrical play or a musical concert was applaussed in Patras from Patras’ citizens, was considered to be a great success. I’m telling you all this, because tonight I could hear people talking about you guys in great enthusiasm. And amongst tonight’s audience were about 30 really good musicians (ud players, guitarists, tambur players, bass players preccussionists, saz players, we were all there!), that were also amazed!! I’m really happy, because I’ve been listening to your music for so long, I love it and wish you the best!! To all of you!! Have a great journey!! And thanks once again for the journey you provided to us through your music! Kisses, Eleftheria”