NO blues collectibles part 2: ‘Balancing Cobra feat. Rodaan Al Galidi’ free download

June 20th, 2013

The release of the new double album ‘Kind of NO blues’ is scheduled for September 15th 2013. You can download one of the twelve new studio recordings from our website every two weeks for free. Today part 2: ‘Balancing Cobra feat. Rodaan Al Galidi’

About the track
Balancing Cobra was originally recorded as an instrumental track. After doing a live show with poet Rodaan Al Galidi (Iraq), the band decided to ask him to contribute on the new album. Rodaan performs the Arabic poem ‘Ah’tajo ilayha’ (I need her)

Download ‘Balancing Cobra feat. Rodaan Al Galidi’
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Cd (album) | 2 disk (Studio & Live)| CRS | release 15 september 2013
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