NO blues collectibles part 5: ‘Ada’s Night Trip feat. Martijn Sohier’ free download

August 21st, 2013

The release of the new double album ‘Kind of NO blues’ is scheduled for September 15th 2013. You can download one of the twelve new studio recordings from our website every two weeks for FREE. Today Part 5: Ada’s Night Trip feat. Martijn Sohier.

About the track
During the recording of the new tracks, Ad van Meurs and Ankie Keultjes brought an old Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer back to life with an old sequencer. Martijn Sohier added the Trombone. Is this NO blues back in the eighties?

Download ‘Ada’s Night Trip feat. Martijn Sohier’
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Cd (album) | 2 disk (Studio & Live)| CRS | release 15 september 2013
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