NO blues ON tour: Greece part 2

February 25th, 2011

So as part 1 of the Greece story ended when Anne-Maarten and me were invited to have a talk with the owner about a discount on the fee of the gig, which was supposed to start in 10 (!)minutes. So much for timing. We found ourself s in a tight spot, sitting in a bar, also owned by the promoter of the club. No returned contract,  empty club and a busy promoter who was dividing his time by shouting in his mobile phone in Greek and pulling all the excuses of the world out of this sleeve in English.

rai alive thessaloniki

After 10 minutes Anne-Maarten was already in the kill-mode and I was loosing my patience and good behaviour too. Back and forth switching between Dutch, English, the little Greek we speak and pure irritation, we agreed on 80% of the fee payed in cash before the show. The other 20% would be payed by invoice, so we had no other option then to trust the guy for his word. When we were back in the club it was actually quite busy and it was just at that moment we realized  Greek audiences usually come in late.
The rest of the band was waiting and wondering why we were away for so long and it felt like a good idea not to tell the story until after the show.

One should almost forget that the Rai live club is a really nice little theater like club, with a good pa and lighting system and a friendly staff.  So although Anne started the show with much of the anger still in his voice we did a nice gig, well appreciated by an audience that clearly never heard the music of NO blues before.

After the gig and a few drinks we left for the hotel talking about the possibility that we had to discuss fees and stuff every gig for the next days. Not quite an entertaining thought, which needed a couple of drinks (billed on the promoter) to get over with. The next day would be a long drive from Thessaloniki to Patras, all the way through the mountains.