NO blues ON tour part 3/Patras

March 2nd, 2011

We continue this roadstory while travelling from Thessaloniki to Patras in our tourvan with Lavros.  Although we usually hate the long drives (and this is a 7 hour one) this was quite a beautiful one. We started with sun at sea level in Thessaloniki and drove al the way into the mountains where it was snowing. We almost felt like we were on holiday in Swiss, but enjoyed throwing snowballs in Greece. First time for everything!

snow (balls) in Greece

But even great scenery has its limits  so we were quite happy to arrive in Patras and arriving at the Lithografeion. Outside the building there is almost no sign of the great venue it is inside. We had a strong feeling of entering the old Effenaar (the rock venue of Eindhoven in NL). The reception by the crew of the Lithografeion was great and we immediately felt like this was gonna be a quite different show. Ticket sales were really good and NO blues had been on the radio for almost 3 years in Patras.

At this stage we had no idea what the night would bring, so after the soundcheck we went out to find us some of he great Greek food. We will never go to a Greek restaurant in Holland expecting to have anything near to the quality of the restaurants we had dinner at during this tour.

When we arrived at the club again the street and club where crowded with people who where really looking forward to the show, what a great way to start the gig! Here and here is some footage of the show, maybe not the best one we ever did but it was sure full of energy! Great crowd too which fully enjoyed the show. When I was having a smoke outside (!) I got some letters from people about the gig. In Greek,  so we couldn’t read a word, but Lavros and Dimitrios (who took a plain from the USA to see the gig) were kind enough to translate. Thank you dear writers!

We ended up in a nice pub called ‘the blue monday’ and had just a little bit too much to drink with our new friends form Patras, but a big thank you to promoter Christos,  his staff and fans in Patras in place here! And you radio guys who spinnend our records for so many years: you rock!

We spent whatever little was left of the night to catch up some sleep before leaving to Athens tomorrow.