NO blues collectibles part 1: ‘The Waterpipe feat. Andre Williams’

June 6th, 2013

Edit 20 june 2013: [player is removed and replaced] The upcoming two weeks you can download en enjoy ‘Balancing Cobra feat. Rodaan Al Galidi’

The release of the new double album ‘Kind of NO blues’ is scheduled for September 15th 2013. But we don’t want to keep you waiting for so long, so you can download one of the twelve new studio recordings from our website every two weeks for free.

About the track
The first tune the ‘Waterpipe feat. Andre Williams’ started as an instrumental track that needed some vocals. Something with a low, calming voice. We thought of Andre Williams. He is the godfather of ‘garage rhythm ‘n blues’. And his lyrics ‘Some folks’ are performed by the man himself. In an almost unusual orderly fashion.
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Cd (album) | 2 disk (Studio & Live)| CRS | release 15 september 2013
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NO blues releases new double album – Free downloads available starting 6th June

May 29th, 2013

NOblues_Kind of NO blues-FrontThe release of the new double album ‘Kind of NO blues’ is delayed and now scheduled for September 15th  2013. But we don’t want to keep you waiting for so long, so you can download one of the twelve new studio recordings from our website every two weeks for free.

Some of our best friends were kind enough to work with us at this new recordings and their contributions make this new record  an unexpected journey without boundary’s.
We hope you will enjoy the music as much as we do!

The first track will be The Waterpipe featuring Andre Williams and will be downloadable on the 6th of June. Feel free to collect them all!

Eibergen festival indoors

May 28th, 2013

The Wereldfestival (World festival) Eibergen was moved to an inside veneu last saturday, which was good (the rain poored down all night long) and we had a swinging time with a fun crowd! Hopefully next year the festival will be outside!

NO blues (Osama is in the back Ankie in the front…)



And the lovely audience…




April 17th, 2013

We had a great weekend in Germany at Ada in Wuppertal and the Buch Cafe in Bad Hersfeld. Here is a picture form the gig in Wuppertal with Osama on U’d and lead vocals and Haytham on Percussion playing ‘Le’.

NB ADA Wuppertal

it is all about live!

April 4th, 2013

The last couple of weeks we have been working on the last details of our new album. Yesterday Ad and Ankie went to Brussels to visit Alan Ward at electric city for the final mastering and they came home with the mastercopy of our our new album!
The next couple of weeks we will be posting songs of Kind of NO blues on this website for free listening & download. Expect the unexpected because we have been recording with a wide variety of musicians and poets:

Rodaan al Galidi (Iraq) and Vrouwkje Tuinman (Netherlands) added their poetry to our songs and Jos Beeren (saxophone) & Martijn Soher (trombone) of the Dutch Metropole orchestra almost blew us away with their music. American blues legend Andre Williams added his distinct voice and presence to one of the pieces and so did Bill Barret of Hazmat Modine. Our dear friend Morad Koury (Palestine)  is also present with his magnificent violin. A quite impressive contribution is made by quartet Quinetique, this collaboration opens new horizons to a blend of Arabicana and contemporary western classical music.

We had all sorts of fun ( trouble and hard work) getting this new album ready and we sincerely hope you will enjoy our music. It is a double album so we also selected our most beautiful live tracks for your convenience. We will be releasing the new stuff somewhere next week, for now enjoy this short live compilation.

ON our way to 2000 likes on facebook

March 21st, 2013

Dear friends,
Most of us seem to communicating on Facebook nowadays and with only a couple of weeks to go before releasing our new album Kind of NO blues, we need your help!
We are looking forward to get 2000 likes before the release of the album, so if you have a friend who likes our music let him or her know we like them too! You will find us here:
As a thank you for your effort and for our new friends we will be posting a new song from the upcoming album for free and download on a weekly basis after the release!
Stay tuned and a big thanks in advance!


Knarsetand vs NO blues

March 19th, 2013

Next step to adding video footage and vocals to our music is making a remix of one of our songs. This song called ‘Khartoum’ will be on our next album, but the young and talented Dutch dub step and drumnbass producer Knarsetand (aka Martijn Holtslag) had his way with it. We enjoy his version of this song and salute him. Feel free to listen and download the song and we appreciate your comments!
Also check our Facebook page for more discussions and extra footage.

Martijn Holtslag gives a short inside on how he worked with this song:

Black Cadillac

March 12th, 2013

Anne-Maarten is getting overheated in Melbourne and over here we are finishing our new cd ‘Kind of NO blues’. In the meantime we will be posting some remarkable footage found on Youtube made by a wide range of people on older NO blues songs. This one was inspired by Black Cadillac a song we recorded with Tracy Bonham.


puppets on Lumen

March 5th, 2013

Every now and than we find ‘new’ video’s based on our songs on Youtube. We are always happy to see people are working with our music for whatever creative process they are working on. This video seems to integrate our Lumen song with puppet theatre and we would have loved to see the show

Rodaan Al Galidi

February 21st, 2013

Our dear friend poet and writer Rodaan Al Galidi is facing the threat of being expelled from Holland. He failed his “inburgeringstoets” by four points. What is happening to this country? Are we expelling writers and poets who are teaching us more about tolerance and life then most of our politicians? We are very proud that Rodaan has  contributed a beautiful poet to our new CD and that he is is regularly performing with Haytham in Dutch and in Arabic. We will support the efforts by D’66 in Zwolle to help him stay in Holland.


just received a message from D66 in Zwolle. He indeed failed his ínburgeringstest’ by four points but it is not as bad as the article in de Stentor mentioned. Also see read this weblog: