recordings for school anthem mozaiek school

April 8th, 2010

After the recording for the school anthem for the Mozaiek school in Deventer (Holland) a portrait of the singers was necessary. The lyrics for the song are based on their feelings and in Dutch, although most of the children have a different background. Ankie will master the recording and we are looking forward to a live performance @ the 3daysON festival¬† in september. All in all a great afternoon where Anne-Maarten showed his ‘how to manage children’¬† skills.

NO blues is asked to write a song for a school anthem. The band is remaking Longa Shanaaz for the school anthem of multi cultural school Mozaiek in Deventer (Holland). The lyrics are based on the feelings the children get from their school. As you can see the song is being recorded with school kids, parents and teachers.