Swedish review:’NO blues is mastering all of this’

January 25th, 2012

[Translated from Swedish] The dutch group NO blues have been noticed for their way of blending american folk/blues with arabic music, “arabicana”. The blend itself may be not so surprising, but it is always fun with music that is unpredictable. This blend remains on “Hela hela”, the groups fourth album since the debut in 2005. Simultaneously there are some scents added from Africa, Balkan and the Keltic area. The main core is also accompanied by two interesting guest artists – Shereene Danial (song) and Morad Khoury (violin). The result is is a versatile production that leads the audience right through continents. Maybe this mix can be percieved as a little too multicoloured this time. Another contradiction runs between feeling and perfection – the studio atmosphere gets a little too obvious at times. Despite these weaknesses it is exciting to follow the strokes of the group from various directions. NO blues is mastering all of this.

Swedish daily paper Hallandsposten , on January 4
Gert-Ove Fridlund