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NO blues percusionist Osama Meleegi releases ‘Sudanese Afrobeats’

August 20th, 2014

Cover Osama Meleegi Sudanese Afrobeat-frontYears ago he came to the Netherlands, Osama Meleegi, a famous percussion player from Kharthoum, Sudan.

As one of nine (!) percussion playing sons of Mohamad Gismallah Mogash, a well known violin player and music teacher, Osama found his place in the spotlight with the ‘Meleegi Family’ at a very young age and after finishing the School of Music and Dance  in Kharthoum he became a member of the famous groups ‘Samadal’ and I’qd al Jalaad’.

After moving to the Netherlands he joined the succesfull Ethiopian Group ´Minyeshu & Chewata’ , the Arabicana Group ‘NO blues’ , formed a duo with Ud player Haytham Safia : ‘Ud D’uet’ and became a very respected session player. With this album ‘Sudanese Afrobeats’ , two of his wishes came true: an album with his own compositions and a musical reunion with his family and friends in Sudan.
Listen and buy “Sudanese Afrobeats” on  Spotify or  iTunes .  (temporally also available on the mediaplayer “luisterpaal” of the Dutch national radio 6)