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NO blues’ tour journal of Jordan

May 4th, 2016

We had a great time playing in Amman Jordan! The first show at the Blue fig was magical, playing for an appreciating audience. The atmosphere was relaxed and the warm night was a beautiful start of our five gigs. After the show we went to a place called Dunia where the owner told us he had named his bar after one of our albums Ya Dunya and told us he is a big fan of NO blues. We had waterpipe, drinks en food and enjoyed great Jordanian hospitality.

On day two we played at the Haya Cultural Centre after taking a walk in the area. This theater was a good setting for the NO blues music. Sound engineer Hassan from Eclipse Events did a great job and the band really took off during the show. The audience gave a standing ovation and after the show we went out for food.

Day three was our Kings Day gig at the Embassy. In the Netherlands everybody gets dressed up in orange and celebrates. The Dutch Embasssy was coloured with orange lighting, so we felt right at home. Although the evening was a little chilly, the gig went great and the people kept warm by dancing. A couple from France had come in especially from Jerusalem to watch us play. It is always an honour when fans drive a long way to come to one of the gigs.

On day four the band went cultural and we visited the Citadel at Amman. After seeing the ancient buildings and the amphitheater we went to the Shomann Foundation for our fourth gig. The energy in the room was truly amazing with people singing along and clapping to the songs. Young and old enjoyed the music and after the show and encores we went out for a great meal and more waterpipe.

Our last show was at the Maestro Bar. A completely different venue from all the others. A smokey club with a young crowd. We played with a lot of energy and fire. Again the music came across and the room exploded after solos. People clapped and danced, a great last gig to our stay in Amman. After the show Haytham and Osama had to hurry to catch their flight. What a night!

We want to thank everybody who helped make this tour possible; among others Lama, Ghadeer and the rest of the good people at the Amman Jazz Festival, Maartje Peters at the Dutch Embassy, the Fonds Podiumkunsten for helping us out, the sponsors among which Amstel, the sound engineers, Safe for dragging the instruments around, productiehuis Oost-Nederland and all the people that came out to see us. We hope we’ll go back to Amman!

– NO blues

And this is what it looked like:

De Stentor: “Brugfunctie in Amman”

April 26th, 2016

Yesterday we had the first gig in our Jordan tour, still four to go! Meanwhile newspaper De Stentor published an interview today with our own Anne-Maarten. He talks about our music and the chance we get with this tour to focus on the bridge and not the gaps between east and west.

Read the entire article here (only in Dutch, click on the image):


With greetings from Jordan.. 😉

NO blues on tour in Jordan

April 14th, 2016

Good news: this year we’re celebrating Dutch holiday King’s Day in Jordan! We’re invited to play at the Dutch ambassy and do a mini tour during the Amman Jazz Festival in the capital of Jordan:

NO blues | Jordan Tour
April 25th   Blue Fig Cultural and Arts Café
April 26th   A Night of European Jazz, Haya Cultural Centre
April 27th   King’s Day Concert, Royal Netherlands Ambassy
April 28th   Shoman Foundation
April 29th   Maestro Music Bar

With a lot of thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten who support us for this tour. There we go!

NO blues

3voor12: “NO blues’ mix of cultures stays intriguing”

March 2nd, 2016

What a great start for us this year! We kicked off in LUX Nijmegen where we got a really nice live review.

After that we played a sold out show in the ever so nice Amer in Amen to continue our tour in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, a show that was also totally sold out. What an honor to see the audience enjoy our music so much!

3voor12 Eindhoven visited the concert and wrote an extensive review (Dutch only): NO blues 3voor12

Let’s hope for more good things to come this year.

March 12        Razzmatazz, Goes | tickets
March 17        Catharinakapel, Harderwijk | tickets
April 2             Koornbeurs, Franeker | tickets
April 27           Amman, Jordanie

See you soon at one of our shows!

Oh Yeah Habibi overview & new tour dates

December 21st, 2015

Recently we had our last show of 2015 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. What a night! And a good moment to look back at the great response we got on our new album Oh Yeah Habibi so far.

A lot of kind words on the album from the audience and different media. A selection:

“Oh Yeah Habibi  is more than a party: the message of NO Blues couldn’t have come at a better time” – MixedWorldMusic

“Oh Yeah Habibi is the best album until now“ – Festivalinfo

“An exciting musical encounter based on mutual respect and the overpowering love for music“ – Mania

“NO blues emerges at Oh Yeah Habibi as a band of bridge builders between cultures“- Folkforum

“Oh Yeah Habibi is an exceptional example of a full-grown cross-over album“ – Here Comes The Flood

“World class record!” – Lust for Live

Inga Tjapkes did an interview (in Dutch):

Our story was in the newspaper (click to read):

And played from Deventer to Utrecht and Amsterdam. Next up: the rest of the tour! We’ve added some new tour dates in Nijmegen en Harderwijk:

January 10       Lux, Nijmegen  tickets
Januari 22        Amer, Amen
Februari 29       Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven
March 12          Razzmatazz, Goes
March 17         Catharinakapel, Harderwijk
April 2              Koornbeurs, Franeker
April 27            Amman, Jordanie

Hope to see you there!

NO blues ON tour: Greece part 1

February 15th, 2011

We get all sorts of requests to play somewhere in the world, most of them unfortunately will not result in a real gig or tour.
Sometimes it is the money, sometimes festivals or promoters change their mind, but most of the time it is our busy schedule that makes it impossible. It is also always an experiment to go to a country for the first time;  new people, new audiences and new promoters. You just never know what to expect.
So when we got an email from Athens inquiring if we were able to do a short tour in Greece (Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki) in the beginning of February we were  happy, but not already packing our stuff.
We never played in Greece before, did not sell  thousands of CD’s over there and were unsure if we had airplay. The only thing we were sure of was Anne-Maarten visiting a local club in Patras two years ago and finding himself listening to the music of NO blues.

So much for valid arguments to say yes or no to a 6 day tour to Greece.  No advance payments, no returned contracts and slow replys on our emails.  By that time we got an email from Aris, our local promoter in Athens, which contained the flight tickets. At that time we decided to take the risk and go to Greece.
Still a little unsure about the rock solidness of this tour we boarded our plain for Athens on Thursday February the 3rd. We left Holland on a beautiful sunny morning to arrive in Athens 6 hours later in a cold, stormy and very, very wet city.  After a short meeting with Aris we left with Lavros (our driver) on a 7 hour drive through rain, wind and snow to Thessaloniki. So after we left home somewhere at 8 in the morning, we arrived in our hotel at 2:30 at night. Welcome to the reality of being on tour, it is 90% about waiting and travelling and 10%  about playing.

After a short night we woke up in a different Thessaloniki: loads of sunshine and time for breakfast at Starbucks.  The club we had to play was right next door to our hotel,  so the best part of the day we spend with a walk along the beautiful seashore. It is always a good sign to find posters for the gig along the way:

Strangely enough we are thousands of miles from Deventer and still find a poster connecting us to our home venue the Burgerweeshuis (aka the Burgerproject). Tonights gig is in a club called RaiAlive. Most venues in Greece are privately owned and so gigs are a great financial risk for their owners.  Together with the fact that there is a crises (and a big one) in Greece and everything in this country is open for negotiations , it was no miracle to us the owner liked to discuss a discount on the fee.

More ON this story in part 2